Typography Posters for Photographers


For a photographer, having good typography skills is a must. Here are some ways which will help you to get a clear idea on how to portray typography posters.

It is a little bit tricky to find them all in the same place, unless you find this article where you have almost all the necessary and useful Photoshop typography tutorials.

So follow the rules as mentioned below which will help you to learn the tips and tricks about creating good typography.

shipwreck poster

1. Let’s get started with type art. There are a whole lot of reasons for which type art is popular. This, in fact, is a highly versatile skill to have. You can make a great technique by using illustrated lettering in projects ranging from posters to brochures. But be careful enough, type art is highly popular at this moment and there is a lot of crud out there. Learn the basics carefully and then be original.

2. The greatest technique followed is the Photoshop text tutorials. This technique creates a great looking text effect in Photoshop.

3. The new feature seen in Adobe Photoshop CC is The Flame Generator filter.  This is designed to support realistic flames on user defined paths. By learning this tutorial you can create cool Photoshop text effects by styling and texturing a rusty text. After this, using the filter, you can add some flames and smoke along with some sparks textures to create a pulsating flaming text effect.

4. You can achieve some detailed and 3D looking effect using multiple layer styles. In this tutorial you will learn how to use layer styles, textures, filters, brushes, and adjust the layers to create a clean, lustrous plastic text effect in Adobe Photoshop.

5.  Although Photoshop helps us a lot in creating new things, yet, often, the final outcome we are looking for cannot be accomplished by simply using Photoshop. A very good thing about Photoshop is that it almost always has a crucial role to play in modern design workflows, particularly in 3D.

6. You can use the glossy candy cane text effect which looks very cute. You can fully edit this effect and can change the text anytime without recreating the effect itself.

7. The sparkling iron effect helps you to create a vivid sparkling iron effect. This includes a number of elements like, Layer Styles, Brushes, Filters, layer adjustment and some images also.

8. You can create an awesome ice cream text effect! For any level Photoshop lover, this process is just way too simple.

9.  Often simple objects can inspire creative type treatments. Just like the previous process, this process is simple enough for any level Photoshop lover. Learn some illustration techniques and then explore the power of layer styles applied to custom brushes.

10.  In this technique, you will learn how to create a folded paper text effect from scratch in Photoshop. What you have to do first is to create the background using a couple of patterns. Then we will pay attention on the type treatment using the layer masks, pen tool and some other useful techniques related to burn, dodge and the transform tool.

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